Coin Lords

The Crypto Market Trading Card Game

Inspired by Magic: The Gathering, Gods Unchained


Real Life events in the Crypto Market

Minted NFT Cards
Peer-to-Peer Market
Built by Enthusiasts
Crypto + Gaming
Competitive Tournaments
Online + IRL

Hodl through bear markets, protect your stash from getting rekt by Hackers and buy dips until a Bull run takes you to the moon!

Play, Collect, Laugh and Earn anytime and anywhere. Invite your friends or make new friends in online and irl tournaments with BIG prizes and rewards.


Satoshi blessed the Plebs with Bitcoin and with this gift came an unprecedented anything-goes, no-rules digital economy. The global mania which ensured unleashed a digital race to rapid wealth where anyone can land on the moon. Some people align with the economic forces of Good; by providing value and mining their way to stable profits. Others with a keen eye and sharp intuition capture short term gains in rapid succession by buying dips and selling tops. There are some however who choose to explore the darker arts…exploiting the trust of innocent passers by for all their worth in the ultimate battle of digital good and evil. It's said that a week in Crypto equals a full year in the regular world.

In this race against time to land yourself on the moon you'll be faced with countless obstacles, sideways trading, historic events, powerful enemies, bear market losses and bullish opportunities. You may find however that your greatest enemy is actually…yourself, as nothing strikes more frequently than one's own emotions of fear and greed.




Plug in your first miner and mine your favorite coin! Watch the profits roll in as you scale your farm to thousands of machines dedicated to growing your empire to the moon and beyond!

You'll need to protect yourself from power surges, hacks and market dips along the way.

Can you mine your way to the moon faster than anyone else?

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Day Trader

Energy drinks are your friend. Be sure to stay awake 24/7 to catch the right dips and sell the tops! You'll need to stay alert and sharp to find the right deals and execute on them in the right order.

Careful not to over leverage yourself or get caught overexposed in a black swan event that turns the market into your enemy!

High exposure leverage trades are the quickest way to the moon…or to getting rekt.

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The medieval ages had Viking raids, cowboys had outlaws, the open sea had Pirates in great ships and the Crypto market has Hackers. There are those who lurk in the shadows and deep corners of the internet waiting to scam and strip their next victim's wallet bare to the bone…and without remorse.

Fake NFT sales, scam coins, hot wallet vulnerabilities and much more float around seemingly on any Crypto project and can strike at any time!

But turning to the dark side comes at a steep price…

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Plebs are blind to the dominant strength that is Bitcoin. Those foolish enough to doubt this simple truth undoubtedly fall through the cracks of rationality into the pits of rekt and 'told u so'.

There is only one Crypto and Bitcoin is its name. Talk some sense into those fools and stay strong to the cause.

Those with true dedication to Bitcoin inevitably all end up on the Moon with a big bag of 'ur dumb' to joyously sprinkle down on the rest of humanity left far behind, dreaming of Lambo's.

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It's a small place but it'll do. One mattress, a sink that usually works, a hot burner, two pots and we even have a window out the back! It's not much but our little happ is enough for us and we're happy with it.

We create the future. We are progress. Our work navigates us across galaxies, advances medical equipment and brings light into your home. We are the backbone of commerce and of the intergalactic economy.

One day… we'll make it to the moon, I know we will.

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