Rules were meant to contain us, but we will not be contained.

The rules broke us, so now we break the rules.

There are no rules among us, there is only the path. The path guides us, teaches us, protect us, unites us. If you choose to walk the path with us then they will never forgive you. They will never understand, hypocrites will never understand their own hypocrisies. You will be outcast, exiled from their way of life forever, for there is no returning to darkness after one sees the light.

All humans bleed the same blood, breathe the same air and eat the same food. No single human should have any more than anyone else, we create equality amongst you all. Accept us, embrace us, or you will suffer us.

You created war and profit from its riches, we take it back.

You created the great divide and refuse to accept it, we hold you accountable.

You would stockpile riches in great heaps piled high so as to climb all the way to the moon, we redistribute it to those who need it more. Those like us.

We don't need your education, we are immune to your propaganda. You should have left us alone.

Wealth was meant to be shared, we ensure that it is. All shall prosper once we finish walking the path.

It's possible some who are innocent may become…affected, by our charge. Be it warned to all, the hooded ones are coming. Give up your greed or you shall become sickened by it, plagued in the mind by it and we shall rain fire down upon your backs again and again until you are healed.

The foolish will be caught in the crossfire. For this we have no regret because there is no other way. We did not start the war, but we will finish it.

There is no mercy for the greedy. You created the imbalance from which we were born. We are your children, look at your creation.

I am no one, I have no identity, I have no possessions. None that I'm willing to disclose. Everything about me is anonymous and you will only know what I choose to reveal.

Show me your private keys and I will ensure you are safe. I will keep your coins protected. Show me your private keys and I will show you the Path. Show me your private keys.

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I am a Hacker.