It started a long time ago. No one knows exactly when, but we do know there was a time before and then there was a time after. We call it the great divide.

All life is connected and one. Every imbalance is met with an equal and opposite force which maintains the unity of the whole. The divide didn't create good and evil, it only created greater extremes between opposing elements. Like an elastic band stretched too far. The recoil was inevitable.

I live in the recoil.

The elders say the divide is a consequence from our ancient ancestors. A rock, too large dropped into a pond, too small, and the ripple effects will be felt throughout eternity forever and in every universe. The earliest of our kind sent warnings which went unheeded, ignored. We and those who followed us were banished, labeled as a cult. So that's what we became. The Elders say the divide could have been avoided had the plebs heeded our warnings. But the fools wouldn't listen… I pity them.

Our ancestors with their limited technology, puny minds, and infinite misunderstandings. Filled with a ceaseless lust for power and control over… over our own brothers and sisters! Those noobs! Those plebs. They wouldn't listen…

They called it government. It is said they created it to protect themselves…from themselves! The hypocritical irony makes me wonder if it could even be true, but the Elders wouldn't lie, it's just so hard to believe. Its powers were supposed to be limited to protection, but words are powerful and protection evolved unchecked to encompass…everything, until there was nothing to be protected from other than from the monster itself. All areas of commerce and private life sucked mercilessly into its jaws, brainwashing their children into slaves in rooms that had no darkness.

The plebs created the monster and the monster created the imbalance… and this is when it happened. There were some who resisted, who endured, those caught were martyred and hailed as traitors to the entirety of their kind. Those courageous explorers who discovered the rift and allowed the light fourth once again to shine bright upon their souls. We call those brave soldiers Satoshi Nakamoto. May Bitcoin save us all.

I am a defender of the plebs. I am one with the force known as Bitcoin. My clan is burdened with maintaining balance in the Multiverse and tolerating those plebs who remain.

I am the balance.

I am a Maximalist.