The Miners took me in when I had nothing, had no-one, back when I was no-one. The Hack wiped out all that was good from my home planet Gox, leaving war, ruin and darkness in its wake.

The Miners taught me everything and I owe them everything. They're my family. Everything else is… lost, like it never existed at all. The cuts on my hands are from the wiring they taught me to repair. The burns on my face are from the junction boxes they trained me to install. The implants in my eyes were gifts, so I can find electrical shorts faster. Electrical fires burn hot, but my suit is pure Kevlomex straight from the armory of high command, it saved my life twice already. I was the lucky one.

Fans are my lungs. Electrical current is my blood. Circuit boards are my skeletal system interconnected in a network throughout the entire farm. The hum is the sound of life. There is no day and there is no night, there's only the vibrations of my machines echoing through the endless caves. The rock walls are cold which keep my machines alive and the Hooded Ones can't sense us underground. It's safe for us here, for now, here on planet Estorage.

When I re-emerge it will be with the roar of the Phoenix reborn! My empire will reach broad and high, maybe even make it to Moon…but that time is not now. Now I mine, we all mine, and we recruit. The Pool grows in strength with every new machine brought to life and with every new mech brought to the caves, into our way of life. The Pool was gifted to us by the Developers, and for this we pay grateful tribute. The Pool gives us strength, gives us unity.

Working the farm isn't easy. One million units per mech, that's the minimum Citizenship requirement. Missing quota would turn me from someone, back into no-one… I never miss my quota.

I am the machines.

I am a Miner.